Artistic Team

Noor Abu al Rob, born in 1991, grew up in Jenin and there already got involved in sports as Taekwondo in childhood. In 2008 he discovered circus and was impressed. Therefore Noor became a member of PCS in 2008. After he finished school, Noor continued to train circus at PCS and fell in love with it, so when he was offered the opportunity to become a trainer at PCS in 2011 he took it. Noor participated in all trainings conducted by PCS and also took a one week training with Espace Catastrophe in Belgium in 2013. Every year he performs in the summer mobile circus school and also in the latest PCS productions “Dreams for Sale”(2011) and Kol Saber!(2012). As a trainer he is able to perform several circus disciplines, but is specialised in acrobatics and acrodance.

Mohammad Abu Sakha, born 1991 in Jenin, joined the Circus school in 2008, one year before his final exam in school. Before he found Circus he had been busy involving himself in many changing activities as Taekwando, Scoccer or social work, but nothing was able to make him stay. It was only with Circus, that he has found the work, which he wants to continue. Mohammad joined PCS in 2011 as a trainer and has been participating in workshops on how to write scripts and on different circus disciplines (e.g. at LIDO/France). He performed in Italy in the Circomondo festival. Also he performs in the yearly summer mobile circus tours, which are set up by PCS as well as “Dreams for Sale”(2011) and Kol Saber!(2012). Mohammad Abu Sakha is specialised on tightrope and diabolo.

Ahmad Abu Taleb was born in 1991 in the Northern Town Jenin and joined the Palestinian Circus School in 2008 as a student and continued after he passed his final school exam in 2009. He is deeply passionate about contemporary circus, that he decided to become professional with it. Therefore he joined the PCS Team as a trainer and performer in 2011. He participates in the trainings and exchange programs offered by PCS in order to perfect his skill. Also Ahmad performs in the mobile circus tours and in the shows “Dreams for Sale“ (2011) and “Kol Saber!”(2012) as well as in many smaller PCS productions. Ahmed went to Italy to perform in Circomondo, a Social Circus Festival and he toured with “Kol Saber!” in Belgium. Ahmed is specialised on hat juggling and is currently enhancing his capacities on the trampoline.

Mohammad Abu Taleb, born in 1991 in Jenin, like his brother Ahmad joined the Circus School as a student in 2008. By getting to know circus art closely he got infected by it and his passion grew over the years. He also wants to be professionally involved with circus and hence also became a trainer and performer at PCS in 2011. Mohammad participates in workshops and exchange programs offered by PCS and performs in the summer mobile circus tours as well as in the productions “Dreams for Sale” (2011) and “Kol Saber!” (2012). In 2013 he went to LIDO (France ) for training. Mohammad also toured with “Kol Saber” in Belgium. He knows several circus disciplines, but is specialized on the Chinese pole and is developing his acrobatic skills.

Shadi Zmorrod, born in 1979 in Jerusalem, is the founders of the Palestinian Circus School. He used to be an actor and theatre instructor, when he got to know circus in 2000 during a Norwegian workshop. The following years he spent taking part in several circus workshops and international circus gatherings. In 2005 he worked as an artistic director for the Jerusalem Circus an Israeli Circus School. There Shadi became very passionate about circus and dreamt about a Palestinian Circus School. In 2006 he and Jessika Devlieghere set up the first Circus Workshop in the Westbank. In February 2007 both founded PCS. Since then Shadi has been working as general director of the school as well as artistic director for PCS productions.

Nayef O. Abdallah was born 1985 in Al Fara‟a Refugee Camp. He joined PCS in the beginning of the school and took a Training for Trainers in 2007 at it. To complete his skills he participated in many workshops with different Circus Schools as ESAC Belgium (2008), Goglerskolen Denmark (2008 and 2009), Jokes Circus Bremen Germany (2009), LIDO France (2011). In 2012 he went to study at the Ecole Nationale du Cirque Montreal (Canada) for one year in order to become a professional Circus Art teacher. Nayef graduated from it in 2013. At present he is the head trainer at PCS. He has performed in the PCS Mobile Circus Tours (2008-2009) and the Shows “Circus Behind the Walls” (2007-2010) and “La Wein. Where to?”(2010). He is specialized on Chinese Pole and Aerial Straps.

Ashtar Muallem, from Jerusalem, started her artistic career during childhood. She took Drama courses and played in productions at the Ashar Theater in Ramallah. In 2003 she performed in the first Palestinian Musical produced by Edward Said Conservatory. In 2006 she joined the Palestinian Circus School and fell in love with the Arial Silk. In 2008 she took a a preparatory year at the Centre National des Artes du Cirque (France) and was selected for another 3 year education from which she successfully graduated. She performed in the Show “Circus behind the Wall” in 2007 with PCS, the CNAC graduation show and in the Show “„This is The End” by David Bobée. At present she is on stage for “Badke” by Koen Augustijnen, Rosalba Torres Guerrero and Hildegard De Vuyst and a cooperation between Les Ballets C de la B, KVS and A.M. Qattan Foundation. With Fadi Zmorrod she creates the show B-orders, produced by PCS.

Fadi Zmorrod, born 1981 in Jerusalem, was part of the establishing team of the Palestinian Circus School in 2006. He developed his artistic interests after he had finished university, first he tried out drawings and sculptures, but from 2006 on his love for the contemporary circus grew. At PCS he participated in several trainings, locally and internationally (e.g. CNAC (France), ESAC (Belgium), Clowns without Borders). After having trained with PCS and working as a trainer, Fadi joined the Vertigo Circus School (Italy) in 2010 for two years to become a professional Circus Artist. He performed in shows with PCS, Willy Good Company (France), Le Ballet C de la B (Belgium) and also performed and co-directed “Kol Saber!” (2012) with PCS. At present Fadi is on stage for Badke, a creation by Koen Augustijnen, Rosalba Torres Guerrero and Hildegard De Vuyst and a cooperation between Les Ballets C de la B, KVS and A.M. Qattan Foundation. He will also create and perform in B-orders. Above others Fadi is specialized on the Chinese pole and chair balance.

Alaa Jayousi, born in 1981 in a Refugee Camp near Zarqa (Jordan), moved to Ramallah in 1996, where he finished school in 2000. At that time the intifada broke out, so he only started his studies in 2003 at the university of Jerusalem. He graduated successfully in political sciences in 2006. After his education he worked for the centre for political research in Ramallah, when at the end of 2011 he decided to become involved with art, because it can transport messages and make people understand. During the past years he already worked as a part time technician at festivals, so after he got to know Circus and realized what it can do for the Palestinian children, he joined the Circus school in 2012 and started by a 3 month workshop on technical safety and rigging at the CNAC in France.