Dignity Strike

Birzeit, May 3, 2017

Mohamed Abusakha, long term circus student, teacher and performer, is one of the over 1500 Palestinian prisoners joining the hunger strike for dignity. The hunger strike started on April 17 and entered its 17th day today. The health condition of many is deteriorating fast now.

The Palestinian hunger strikers denounce the torture, ill treatment and medical neglect of Palestinian prisoners at the hands of Israeli authorities, as well as Israel's widespread use of administrative detention, which is only permitted under international law in extremely limited circumstances. Their demands are related to family visits, the end of torture, proper medical treatment and an end to administrative detention and the right to a fair trial, a.o.

Mohammed is one of these prisoners under administrative detention since almost 18 months. His family and friends are extremely concerned for Abusakha. Now news on this situation can be obtained since lawyers visits have been banned. His mother joined the hunger strike from home, saying:  "I want to feel the dizziness and have the headache he has while his hunger strike, I want to live his condition"

TAKE ACTION NOW. Let the world know what is going on and support the hunger strikers by organizing a 1-day hunger strike or by engaging on the Salt and Water Challenge.
Share it on your social media, invite the media.  

#Free Abusakha
#Freedom for all prisoners

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