Dreams for Sale - 2010

The performance portrays the real experience of the Palestinian Circus School’s four advanced students (now trainers & performers). The show is a journey through the opposing demands they face, namely their circus dreams and their financial, “real life” responsibilities. Neither the society nor the families accept their desire to dedicate their lives to circus arts. In spite of this, the students are determined to change their reality and to pursue their dreams. The performance conveys this experience in a simple way: comedy and tragedy scenes happening between a small shop owner in Jenin and his clients, who come looking for their dreams in the shop. Dreams we discover to be circus materials that the students use to make circus numbers.

Dreams for Sale is the third production of the PCS was created in 2010. Performed by: Ahmed Abu Taleb, Mohammad Abu Taleb, Mohammad Abu Sakha, Noor Abu Al Rob; Training and direction by: Jack Jaxx, Severine Bellini, Krista Fatka, Nayef Othman, and Tomas Sokolowicz; Costumes and décor by: Rami Arda

Dreams for Sale is 35 minute long and is intended for +3 year old audience

Dreams for Sale brochure (Front, Back)

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