Friends of The Palestinian Circus School

Make a change with Circus!

Reach out for our children!

  • Teach how to face and cope with anger and fears and help to loose aggressions!
  • Teach a new way to express themselves!
  • Teach to trust themselves and each other!
  • Teach to laugh!

You can do it! Become our friend! We need your support to sustain our work. We need your solidarity.

Have a look on what friends already achieved for us. Thank you friends!

Klaprozen voor vrede—Poppies for Peace

This project was initiated by Anita Huybens. The first poppies were big and served to gather funds for a demining project in Africa. (Apopo “It emerged as the image of a field full of poppies. Poppies remind us of the battlefields in World War I during which the bodies of so many were shot to pieces. Poppies remind us of the symbolic meaning which the British attached to them in order to make sure that the dead would not disappear into oblivion. Poppies remind me of my childhood, when I gathered a bunch of them for my grandmother who accepted them as a great present.” (by Anita Huybens). Poppies for Peace - non profit association decided to also make and sell small poppies to benefit the Palestinian Circus School. Ceramic artist Diana Wynants designed the first small poppies.

Asseoir l’espoir—Chairs of Hope

“Chairs for a circus-school in Palestine” was anoter brain child of Anita Huybens (1949—2008), aunt of one PCS founder. It started with a few old chairs in the garden. Soon many of Anita’s friends joined in the creative work of converting old chairs into art objects. And it didn’t stay a few friends, many different people got involved, children, housewives, artists, students, .. All got enthusiast to find old chairs, give their own creativity a boost to make Palestinian Children dream and construct a better love for themselves and the people. 500 chairs were finally made and sold to support the initial stages of the Palestinian Circus School.

Asseoir l’Espoir

This amazing art project also inspired Presence et Actions Culturelles (PAC) who decided to baptize the project: “Asseoir l’Espoir” and take it to the French side of Belgium, where they equally invited artists, academies, social organizations and many more to become “chair artists”, accompanying them with a lot of precious information about the adventure of the PCS and about Palestine in general, thanks to the book by Aurelie Dejond and Veronique Vercheval and the documentaries made by notélé: Cirque en Terre Ceinte I and II.

In 2009 and 2012 the Palestinian Circus School was invited by PAC to come and perform in Belgium for a series of shows in sold out theatres, bringing the 100s of people that shared in the project together to witness the final aim of their actions.

Asseoir L’Espoir Lorraine

Asseoir L’Espoir continues to travel around. Two close friends of the PCS in France got involved with PAC and embarked on the adventure of introducing the project in their region Lorraine. It became Asseoir l’Espoir-Lorraine and from there on the association Alé Hope! was born to continue spreading the chairs virus around them. Currently they are also taking over the organization of performances of a new production of the Palestinian Circus School in Nancy in 2014.

Picture Books “Mius” and “Mius op Stelten (on stilts)” - a musical story by Karl Decré, Chris Vandenberghe, Dirk Boulanger and Marleen Rosiers about jealousy, tolerance, persistance and conciliation., which is told by Dimitri Leue, Warre Borgmans and Pieter Embrechts.

Mius is a small mouse, that is borred with its daily life and wants to find ssomething new and challenging to learn and do. This is when it discovers circus and decides to become a circus mouse. When it has become a super circus mouse it performs everywhere. Always Mius has to undergo a lot of harassment by cat, owl and fox. When the cat devises a clever, cunning plan the tensions run high. But is she really satisfied with the result...?

These books were produced with the participation of the students KSO Wijnpers Leuven, of Zilverlinde in Holsbeek and the convervatory Leuven. Many others also supported in different ways these two books. The books have become a great success in Belgium.

Kytes for Peace

Kites can reach beyond the walls that separate people. Many Palestininians can not. Before the Oslo Accords it was forbidden to use the Palestinian flag, so many Palestinians used kites with the Palestinian colours. So the kite became a symbol for freedom and resistance. Nowadays one can still see many kites in Palestine during win ter time. Therefore it was only natural, that the kite was chosen for this project.

The St. Joseph Institute in Kessel, Belgium, organized this event as part of their yearly program for support of crisis areas of the word in various ways. 300 Students of the institute made the kites under expert guidance of Mooss-Art and had them flown. It was the last wish of Anita Huybens in 2008 to gain hight for peace.

Friends of the Palestinian Circus School (F.oPCS)

This new organization is a non for profit association registered under Belgium law and consists of many devoted friends, who want to make a change. The Friends of the Palestinian Circus School share the mission and vision of PCS and therefore support its work.

It was founded to bring the projects of different groups together in order to use common features and to build up synergies. At the same time the legal entity offers a European based account to support the work of the PCS and therefore allows individual small and big donations to reach us.

Click here for the account

Find your own way to support us!

There are different means to support us. Many people come to visit us and stay for some time to work with us voluntarily. Our friends, who are not able to directly join us here in Palestine, became very creative and use their creativity in solidarity with the Palestinian Circus School as you can see in all the mentioned projects. That results in awareness creation for the situation in Palestine and the Palestinian Circus School, but it also means income creation. This work has become a very important for the sustainability of our work.

If you want to join in mentioned projects or have any other creative idea, please contact us at

If you find our work worth for support, but do not have the time to get involved with any solidarity project, there still remains the possibility to directly donate for us. Please click here.

Incoming funds we use to ensure and sustain the work of our school.