La Wein (Where to) - 2009

Should we proceed in achieving our dreams? Or should we run away from our reality “the nightmare”? Is it hard to change the obligatory restrictions that surround us? A struggle between the power and domination on one side and the pressure that is forced on the other side, a mix between reality and fantasy, spontaneous reactions and others deliberate, all crashing together, creating a struggle for survival.

“La Wein” is the second production of the PCS. Performed by: Fadi Zmorrod, Mays Hajjaj and Nayef Othman; Scenario and direction of the group. Artistic direction by Shadi Zmorrod; Costumes by Rami Arda; Music by Benjamin Payen, Carlo Mascolo, Maddalena Pastorelli,  Nicolas Dobson; Light design by Atallah Tarazi
La Wein brochure (Brochure 1, Brochure 2)

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