The Palestinian Circus School engages into different local and international partnerships in order to reach out to more people, raise voices and make Palestinian stories heard all over the world.


  • Palestinian Performing Arts Network
  • Municipality of Ramallah
  • Municipality of Birzeit
  • The Child Happiness Center in Hebron / Hebron Municipality 
  • The Municipalities Sports Hall in Hebron
  • Salah Bin Khalaf Center in Al Fara’a Refugee Camp
  • Girls Rehabilitation Center in Jenin
  • Freedom Theatre in Jenin


PCS hosted in the West Bank numerous circus groups, individual performers, and professional trainers and has sent many of its students and trainers abroad for short and long term trainings and complete education programs through partnerships with:

  • Centre National des Arts de Cirque (France),
  • LIDO (France)
  • Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (Belgium),
  • Scuola di Cirko Vertigo (Italy),
  • Ecole Nationale du Cirque Montreal (Canada)
  • Festiclown (Spain) 
  • Espace Catastrophe (Belgium)
  • Jokes Circusschool (Germany)
  • Clowns Without Borders (Ireland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Spain)  
  • Circus Space (UK).
  • Circolito (Belgium)
  • Goglerskolen (Denmark)
  • Circus Tvaers (Denmark)
  • Circus Momolo (Germany)
  • A.o. ...