Prisoner Hunger Strike

Mohamad abu sakha is now in his third day of a hunger strike, which has started yesterday by around 1500 Palestinian prisoners in "Israeli" jails, in a demand of very simple human rights that are taken from them, which are the following:

1) Installing a public telephone for Palestinian prisoners in all prisons and sections in order to communicate with their families.

 2) Visiting rules:

·         Re-allow the second visit that has been stopped by the red cross.

·         Allow visitors to see their siblings in prison every 2 weeks.

·         Not to prevent any relative of the first and second degree from visiting the prisoner.

·         Increase the duration of the visit from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

·         Allow the prisoners to take pictures with their families every 3 months.

·         Prepare a comfortable lobby for the visitors before entering the prison to visit the prisoners.

·         Allow the entrance of children and grandchildren under the age of 16 with every visit.

  3) Meditation:

·         Close what they call "Al Ramle prison hospital" because it's incapable of a proper treatment for prisoners.

·         To Terminate the medical negligence policy.

·         Conduct medical examinations periodically for prisoners.

·         Operate quickly and exceptionally for prisoners when needed.

·         Bring specialized doctors from outside the prison to treat prisoners.

·         To release all sick prisoners, especially those with disabilities and incurable diseases.

·         Do not charge prisoners for their treatment cost.

4) Responding to the needs and demands of Palestinian women prisoners, whether by special transport or direct meeting without a barrier during the visit.

 5) Transit:

·         Humane treatment of prisoners when they get transferred by bus.

·         Return prisoners to prisons from clinics and courts, and not to keep them at checkpoints.

·         Make checkpoints and crosses where prisoners have to wait on, capable for human use, and provide meals, due to their long hours waiting there.

 6) Add more T.V channels for prisoners that suit their needs.

7) To put Air Conditioners in prisons, especially in (Jalbou' and Majeddo prisons)

8) To restore kitchens in all sections of prisons, and make them fully supervised by Palestinian prisoners.

9) To allow visitors to bring books, magazines, food, and personal stuff to prisoners.

10) To end solitary confinement policy.

11) To end administrative detention policy.

12) Re-allow Palestinian prisoners to do their BA degree in The open Hebrew University.

13) To allow the prisoners to submit the Tawjihi examinations in a formal and agreed manner.

Yet to know, Abu Sakha will have a court on 10/5/2017.