Why support

As a nonprofit-organization, without available structural governmental funding, we entirely depend on donations and international agencies to keep the school alive.   

The Palestinian Circus School is offering vital activities for the Palestinian society and has great ambitions. We have proved that we can make our dreams come true and are committed to spread our circus virus all over the country. Many people believe in our work and have appreciated the dedication and passion we have for our work.

Your donations, big and small, all make a difference and are very important to assure the schools daily operation. Trainers’ and administrators’ salaries have to be paid, running costs for the location, transportation for the students and the trainers, insurances for the students and trainers, Capacity Building for our trainers and performers, new circus materials that have to be made or bought, costs related to producing new shows or offering our shows to the broad audience … Nothing turns without the precious support of our donors.   

You can make it happen!!