PCS started in August 2006 with the intention to make circus from Palestinians for Palestine and the world. What started with a first circus workshop for 10 young people resulted 10 years later in a recognized performing arts institution that teaches, creates and presents circus all over the country and travels abroad to raise awareness about the Palestinian potential and creativity. The Palestinian Circus School developed intoa wonderful creative initiative of cultural resistance against the occupation. In light of the general destruction of our land, our history, our identity and our resistance, PCS is an organization that protects and develops the Palestinian beauty, values, pride, identity and nation. It offers young Palestinians a powerful voice to engage with their society and with people all over the world.

Are you a circus artist/ trainer and want to volunteer, Please apply below:

Since its first days, PCS has worked together with and welcomed many international circus people, individuals and schools. It believes in the strong added value of international and intercultural cooperation and discovery for a whole set of reasons. All former international cooperation has played a major role in the advancement of our artistic, social and pedagogical work. As Palestinians being many times still very isolated from the world through the many travel restrictions, bringing people to Palestine allows Palestinians to meet and interact with new cultures. We also strongly believe in the mutual exchange of ideas and approaches to enrich each other and to offer internationals a taste of the Palestinian culture and its own way of developing social and contemporary circus.


Read more about the international Volunteering program here


To apply, please fill out the international volunteer application form and send it back to info@palcircus.ps


LOCAL VOLUNEERING PROGRAM for support to the administrative work and events: 

The bigger the circus family in Palestine becomes, the more joy we spread!!

Do you want to become part of the amazing circus family?

Are you interested in getting to know what happens behind the curtains of a performance or a festival?

Do you like to meet with people from all over the world?

You have some time left and want to share some of your skills with the circus people?  

PCS welcomes volunteers to assist in the many shows/performances/events that the PCS regularly organizes. But we also welcome people to spend some hours at the office, to translate, to organise our files, to take pictures and videos, … you name it ….  

If you wish to volunteer with us please fill the volunteers application form, send it to info@palcircus.ps and wait for our phone call!!

Or just pass by in Birzeit. Our door is open for you :)