Mish Zabta 2014

“I’ll give half of my life to those who make a crying child smile” (Tawfiq Zayyad)

“Mish Zabta” is a new creation that brings us a lot of laughter and joy. It tells the story of four young men filled with hope and ambitions to realize their dreams as they return from abroad carrying their university degrees. But while they are looking for a job and trying to enjoy their time, they face many challenges that turn their images and expectations upside down. 

The creation brings together theatre, circus and body rhythm. With this new and diverse mix, the show confronts us with the search for a job and for happiness. In a funny way, it portrays the life paradoxes and the very limited opportunities of our Palestinian youth due to the many obstacles and general chaos in the current health, educational and legal systems, which all need serious review.

The idea of the show came after the war on Gaza in the summer of 2014, expressing the desire of our young team, to come up with a creative and funny production that portrays our daily obstacles. They wanted to reveal the many problems they face in such a way that it also creates an outlet for the audiences, after the difficult times they had experienced, based on our strong belief that laughter helps to restore our mental balance and strengthens our resilience.     

Vision and direction:  Mohamad Eid 

Performed by: Ahmad Abu Taleb, Mohammed Abu Taleb, Mohammed Abusakha and Noor Abu Rob

Technician: Alaa Jayousi

Stage Drawing: Ala’a Albaba

Costume production: Samar Style 

Pictures by Lucia Ahmad

Design of promotional material: Hafez Omar

Funded by: