Artistic Department

PCS embarked on its journey with “Circus behind the Wall,” its inaugural production that depicted the arrival of circus in Palestine, the challenges it confronted, and how it evolved into a source of hope for the youth.

Since then, PCS engages on the quest to introduce Palestine to a new form of Performing Arts, the one of Contemporary Circus.

We see the extreme need of young people to express themselves and to convey a message to their audiences. Through circus we create a new creative medium where we introduce the young people to the language of the body. By using music, costumes, theatrical elements, dance, and the many circus skills we develop stories about our daily realities.

PCS is dedicated to advancing the presence of circus arts in Palestine and introducing this distinctive form of performance to the Palestinian community. To fulfill this objective, PCS produces shows and organizes tours both within the local community and internationally. Additionally, we provide a range of artistic services, including specialized workshops, capacity-building sessions, artistic consultations, and the rental of venues and equipment.

Capacity Building Programs

The “Sun Group” program is designed to elevate the artistic and technical skills of individuals aged 14 to 18, laying the foundation for early entry into professional circus productions. This initiative involves 4-hour weekly training sessions for a group of 15 students. Participants actively participate in consistent weekly sessions and workshops to develop their abilities, nurture their talents, and pave the way for successful careers in the circus industry.

PCS provides a rigorous program designed for students aged 18 and above, integrating artistic and technical training to prepare them for careers in circus arts. This program entails 8 hours of training per week, encompassing practical and theoretical elements. With a total of 12 artists, participants attend 80 classes, which include training sessions, specialized workshops, and dedicated show production sessions.

PCS established a group of 30 performing artists in Palestine, providing them with capacity building, production support, and performance opportunities. By engaging these artists in shows, training sessions, and performances, PCS strengthens their connections with the organization and opens up new income-generating opportunities. This approach not only meets market demands but also fulfills specific show requests. Additionally, PCS continuously enhances the artists’ skills through year-round workshops and training programs. 

The Palestinian Circus School is dedicated to enhancing both physical and artistic skills through specialized courses and workshops tailored to individuals aged 18 and above. These programs cover a range of disciplines, including gymnastics and aerial arts, fostering a unique blend of creativity and physical abilities.


In its effort to foster collaboration and partnerships with circus artists, both locally and internationally, as well as with local and international circus schools and troupes, the Palestinian Circus School strives to create joint performances involving both students and professional circus artists.