Artistic Department

PCS started its own story with Circus behind the Wall, the first creation that narrated how circus came to Palestine, which obstacles it had to face and how it became a tool to give hope to our young people.

Since then, PCS engages on the quest to introduce Palestine to a new form of Performing Arts, the one of Contemporary Circus.

We see the extreme need of young people to express themselves and to convey a message to their audiences. Through circus we create a new creative medium where we introduce the young people in the language of the body. By using music, costumes, theatrical elements, dance and the many circus skills we develop stories about our daily realities.

Artistic Preparation Program

This Program is one of the programs of the Artistic Department, and it is an intensive artistic and technical preparation program for a period of one year, within 6 hours per week.
Shams groups alumni are targeted at students over the age of 18.
Program Goals:
• Developing the artistic and technical level of the group to reach a generation of professional artists.
• Increasing the number of artists who are able to produce circus shows at a high artistic and technical level.
• Producing a circus show that represents the Palestinian Circus School locally and internationally.

The program consists of 4 stages as follows:

The First stage

The focus in the first phase is on developing the technical side of students in their specializations, in addition to developing teamwork techniques such as group gymnastics and human pyramids.

The Second stage

The second stage focuses on the artistic development of the group, as this stage includes workshops on the topics of artistic and physical research, how to produce circus scenes and performances, in addition to workshops in dance and theater.

The Third stage

In parallel with the working on the disciplines and the artistic and technical development of artists, work will be made on individual productions of students in their specialties, which will be shown at the end of the stage.

The Fourth stage

Period of intensive work on producing the group's graduation performance.


Through the Palestinian Circus School’s endeavor to cooperate and create partnerships with circus artists, local and international troupes, and circus schools locally and internationally, the Palestinian Circus School aims to produce joint performances on the level of students and professional circus artists.