Educational Department

The educational department is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating the training programs. In addition,  the educational department aims to create and develop educational resources, policies,  programs, and capacity building in the circus field.  

We proudly announce the development of the first “Training Guide-manual”. The manual includes methods of training circus techniques and will contribute to developing the competences of beginner trainers and staff working in the field of circus.

Educational Programs

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  • A weekly session for two years.
  • Receives new students between the age group of 6 to 10 years.

The program uses games and exercise as a learning tool. It also introduces the students to the basics of circus specialties, including trapeze, tissue, balls, diabolo, gymnastics, dance, technical exercises and improvisations.

In addition to intensive training summer camps and various extracurricular activities aimed at developing children’s awareness of healthy food, the importance of sports, education and agriculture.

The transfer of the students takes place after evaluating their levels at the end of each program. And then determine if they are ready to move to the second Program “Moon”.

The program receives graduates of “Yallah Nelaab” program, or students of the 11 to 14 age group, after having technically prepared them with workshops or summer camps. “Moon” program is considered advanced and not intended for beginners. The program also focuses on the specialization of each participant according to their desires, inclinations, and distinctive abilities and the development of the artistic and creative aspects. The transfer of the students takes place after evaluating their levels at the end of each program. And then determine their readiness to move to the third Program “Sun

Sun Program receives trainees graduates who have completed “Moon” program, within the age group of 14 to 18 years old, in which focuses on the advanced technical side, to prepare students to produce shows or participate in many various artistic presentations then prepare students to the “training of trainers” program.

It is very important for the PCS to offer its students the opportunity to present their newly acquired skills to their social network. That’s why by the end of each scholar year (end of April, beginning of May), PCS organizes a series of open days in its different training locations, to celebrate the International Circus Day and to give its students the chance to share the techniques and skills they have learned throughout the year with their families and friends.

The open days equally allow the community to get more acquainted with the team of the PCS and with the objectives and approach of the school

The summer is the best period in the year that allows us to work intensively with our students to develop their skills and techniques. For that reason, in the summer of each year the PCS organizes one or more summer camps for its students from all different training locations. Each summer camp last either one or two weeks.

A yearly production of the Palestinian Circus School which started in 2007, with a joint show of Clowns without Borders France and the PCS. Since then, every summer the PCS challenged the borders and checkpoints, decided to bring circus to all corners of the country. Some years with a theme, sometimes without a theme, one year with a story, the other year an explosion of circus energy regrouped in a cabaret of numbers.

The mobile Circus is a show made to be performed in any possible venue like the street, a playground, a school, a football field or any other place. This way the performance is not bound to a professional theatre and can reach out to all. 

Social Programs

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The Palestinian Circus School uses the social circus as a tool to develop the capabilities of women, youth and people with disabilities to enable them to face cultural, social and economic challenges, in addition to raising awareness on various societal issues through artistic interactions carried out by the students in the programs. The Palestine Circus School implemented various social programs over the previous years, which were targeting marginalized women, people with disabilities, and freed captive children, in partnership with many centers and institutions working in the social field.
  • Inhale” Shaheek Program:
This program is specialized at working with women in training and social rehabilitation centers, who face internal and external cultural challenges. We seek to contribute to the empowerment of women by developing their physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual and productive skills. Why inhale: We hope that this program will be the energetic and challenging air that women breathe in order to continue their societal struggle, strive for their rights and achieve the values ​​of justice in our society.
  • “Passion” Shagaf program: a program targeting people with intellectual disabilities
Palestine Circus School considers that social programs for people with intellectual disabilities are one of their natural rights to education, in light of a reality that views disabled people as a burden in addition to the lack of educational and artistic centers for this category. We seek through this program for the use of social circus in order to develop the personal, physical and cognitive abilities of students, as well as opening the space to interact with others in creative ways, in addition to providing them with the opportunity to express themselves and emptying their energies, since repression and failure to interact with others in a safe manner is an obstacle and creates negative repercussions.
“On the other hand, we seek to use the circus as a performing art to raise community’s awareness towards people with intellectual disabilities and their struggles. the artistic capabilities of children with intellectual disabilities are used to claim their social rights.”

Workshops and Training Courses

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Palestine Circus School works on developing the physical and the artistic capabilities in a specialized way through various specialized courses and workshops in cooperation with the artistic department and local and international partners, which include:

Workshops in gymnastics, aerials, juggling balls and various specialties.

Through the training of Trainers’ Program, we aspire to reach the largest possible number of qualified and pioneering social circus trainers. We help them engage in the artistic and educational field to develop it and influence society by using circus. As well as creating job opportunities to train the largest possible number of children, women and youth, by forming independent circus hubs.
 Note: PCS trainers collaborate with social, psychological and health workers to follow up on and/or address any noticeable topics.