Educational Department

The educational department is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating the training programs. In addition,  the educational department aims to create and develop educational resources, policies,  programs, and capacity building in the circus field.  

We proudly announce the development of the first “Training Guide-manual”. The manual includes methods of training circus techniques and will contribute to developing the competences of beginner trainers and staff working in the field of circus.

Childhood Programs

Childhood Program: is tailored for children aged 5 to 9 enrolled in the 3-month specialized workshops, after which they transition to ‘Moon’ at ages 10-14.

The Palestinian Circus School is dedicated to developing specific physical and artistic abilities through a variety of courses and workshops in cooperation with local partners.

The 3-month specialized workshops are designed for children between the ages of 5 and 9, aiming to familiarize them with the basics of acrobatics, juggling, and aerial disciplines. In this program, we engage with youngsters to foster self-discovery and promote social change.

The “Moon” program is intended for young individuals aged 10 to 14 who have received technical training from specialized workshops or summer camps. This program is structured for participants with prior experience and knowledge in the field of circus. It’s personalized to cater to each student’s unique interests, capabilities, and creative strengths, with the goal of advancing their artistic and innovative abilities.

Within ‘Moon,’ emphasis is placed on fostering teamwork values and critical thinking. Furthermore, annual workshops addressing social topics will enable participants to pinpoint issues for intervention. Subsequently, workshops involving parents and chosen stakeholders will be conducted to develop a collective strategy and vision for effecting change.”

Social Programs

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The Palestinian Circus School employs social circus to enhance the skills of women, youth, and individuals with disabilities, empowering them to confront cultural, social, and economic challenges. Furthermore, the school aims to raise awareness about diverse societal issues through the artistic engagements conducted by the students within the programs.

In previous years, the Palestinian Circus School executed diverse social programs, specifically designed for marginalized women, individuals with disabilities, and liberated children. These initiatives were carried out in collaboration with numerous centers and institutions dedicated to social work.


Inhale Program:

is designed to support women who encounter cultural obstacles and difficulties, both internally and externally. Our focus is on empowering women by enhancing their physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, and productive skills.

Why Inhale: We anticipate that this program will provide women with the inspiration and motivation they require to carry on their societal endeavors, advocate for their rights, and work towards achieving justice in our society.

Passion Program:

is a program targeting people with intellectual disabilities. At the Palestinian Circus School, we firmly believe that providing social circus programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities is their fundamental right. Our program aims to leverage social circus as a tool for developing our students’ personal, physical, and cognitive abilities, while also enabling them to express themselves and release their energy. since repression and failure to interact with others in a safe manner is an obstacle and creates negative repercussions.

Our ultimate objective is to utilize circus art to foster greater awareness within our community regarding people with intellectual disabilities and their challenges. The artistic talents of children with intellectual disabilities are leveraged to claim their social rights. In line with this goal, PCS has formed a new artistic group comprising ten children with intellectual disabilities, with the intention of collaborating with them to create a new circus production.


Training of Trainers Program

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The Training of Trainers’ Program aims at preparing skilled and innovative social circus trainers. It seeks to empower trainers, fostering their growth and influence within society through the captivating medium of circus arts. At its core, this program aims to generate employment opportunities, facilitating the training of numerous children, women, and youth. The program’s approach involves establishing independent circus hubs, where individuals can learn and cultivate their skills in various circus disciplines. This involves conducting weekly training sessions that receive students aged between 5 and 10 years old in Tulkarem, Jenin and Jerusalem.

Participants in this program are afforded a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in social circus, applying them within the Palestinian context. With a comprehensive structure comprising 170 hours of personal training, including 8 educational units and 20 hours of practical training, participants receive support from specialized trainers at the Palestinian Circus School. Throughout the year, psychological supervision, guidance, and technical follow-up contribute to a holistic learning experience in collaboration with both Palestinian and international trainers.