About Us

“Circus? In Palestine? Is that really what Palestine needs?” That was the most common question the founders of the Palestinian Circus School faced in the beginning. By now, those familiar with the work of PCS are convinced: Yes! A circus in Palestine!


The responsible framework for planning, implementing and evaluating the training programs. In addition to developing and working on programs, research, educational resources and policies, creating and building capacities for the educational staff in and outside the school.


By creating and performing circus productions, we want to instill hope among the population, promote the freedom of expression and raise local and international awareness about the many challenges of the Palestinian society, and lastly raising the level of circus arts in Palestine

Reserve Your Visit


The Palestine Circus School welcomes you all days of the week, except Friday – From 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM. 

Reservations for guided tours can be made by phone: +970 (2) 2812000 / +970 592 812001  or by email: info@palcircus.ps

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