ASIMO 2020

We step into a world where we see how exterior pressure, teachings and opinions can influence the development of human.

But lessons taught can also be un taught, opinions can be changed and pressures can get lightened.

We see how ultimately the values that most influence us are the lessons taught in unity, sharing our ideas and exchanging skills and knowledge. Every clog must work together for the machine to function effectively.

Using circus, choreography and theatre ‘ASIMO’ takes on a journey through the world of one mad scientist’s invention and the discoveries made within. 

Performers: Ahmed Abu Taleb, Alaa Aliabdallah, Mohammed Abu Taleb, Noor Abo Alrob.

Director:  Emile Saba.

Stage Manager and Assistant Director:  Molly Furnival-Doran.

Technician officer: Alaa Jayousi

Funded by: