B-Orders 2014

In the wombs of our mothers, we are all made up from the same elements, blood flesh and air. Arriving into our families and into our societies we start developing our character and becoming who we are. As we grow, we lose our innocence and our fun to play, we become dominant and dominated. We start walking on lines drawn for us without understanding why or even questioning. If those lines no longer exist, we unconsciously return to walk on them. We are put in molds fabricated through the accumulation of history according to our gender, religion, and nationality…

Repetition and pressure lead us to go against the “normal”, we leave our home aiming to start something new. But do we ever get rid of our memories, education and preconceived ideas?


 By & with:

Ashtar Muallem and Fadi Zmorrod

External Eye: 

Juliana Neves

Artistic Support:

Mathieu Desseigne Ravel, Iman Aoun


Alaa Jayousi, Ramzi Abu Dayyeh

Music Montage & Composition

Rami Washaha


 Fairouze Nastas


Ralf Nonn


50 min

Funded by: