Circus Behind the Wall 2007

Circus behind the Wall is a testimony of what the real life of Palestinians is: being separated from their families and beloved ones, their land and water by the Wall.
The show is an hour-long performance where the young artists of the Palestinian Circus School put on stage their own stories and the obstacles, they face every day as Palestinians. In the show there are two sisters who are separated; two lovers who are not able to reach each other any longer. The circus comes to help and gives tools and skills to mentally break the barrier created by the Israeli occupation, as well as the social, cultural and mental barriers that divide the Palestinian society from within. During the show, the performers engage in aerial exercises on trapeze and tissue, acrobatic lifting and juggling numbers, combining dance, theatre and other circus skills in a performance full of rhythm and colors.
The Wall does not discourage us to live, to communicate, to express ourselves and our dreams and to struggle for a free land. ‘Circus behind the Wall’ reflects the strong belief that one day this Wall, like many others, will fall.

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