Clowns Without Borders France 2019

The project was implemented between the Palestinian circus School and Clowns without Borders – France.

A joint production and a series of performances between The Palestinian Circus School and Clowns Without Borders—France, took place between 21st of October and 9th of November, 2019.

The show was performed 18 times in Birzeit, Al Jalazone Refugee Camp, Balata Refugee Camp, Askar Refugee Camp, Kufor Kadoum, Oureef, Jenin Refugee Camp, Aida Refugee Camp, Heb-ron, Arab Al Ramadeen Bedouin Community, Al Aroub Refugee Camp and Al Fawwar Refugee Camp. Around 11424 people enjoyed the show.

“All locations where we performed are missing all kinds of artistic and cultural activities, there-for; I see it is very important to reach out for them, and give the children there a moment of laughter and happiness. Since most of the loca-tions are affected directly by the Israeli Occupa-tion” Noor Abu Al Rub

Performed by: 3 Artists of the PCS team:

Alaa Ali Abdallah, Mohamed Abu Taleb, and Noor Abo AlRub

5 Artists from CSF:

–        Doriane Moretus, clown and street theatre director

–        Eric Fernandes, musician

–        Stéphanie Djoudi, clown

–        Hermine Rigot, clown

–        Achil Bras, logistician