Coffee In Town 2017

About the show:

People come together in the same space and time, sharing a collective experience, but each has their own story to tell. Some enjoy the coming together, others seek a moment alone with their own thoughts and feelings. Ultimately it is their joy, celebration and humanity that brings them together, to share in a coffee and a memory or two. The possibilities that they hold inside give us a pause, to join with them, breathe and live life without limit.

Using circus, theatre and choreography, Coffee in Town is a family show about people, what they have in common and what they have to offer the world.  

Vision and direction:  Paul Evans

Performed by: Ahmad Abu Taleb, Mohammed Abu Taleb, Noor Abu Rob, Khalid Miqdadi, Hamada Touqan, Alaa Abu Rob, and Esam Abu Snaineh

Technician: Alaa Jayousi


Funded by: