Gene- Cyan Performing Arts

This show revolves around the relationship between four people who are intellectually distant, differing in their relationships and interactions as human beings, as genes cannot match as if they were carbon copies, but despite the difference between Genes, they were able to meet in a fake match point, they invented it to coexist and start the journey to search for the type of their relationships as human beings, the extent of their relevance in their life experiences, and the relationship of those experiences with their surroundings and nature in general.

Performed by: Hoba Hamidan, Ahmad Humaidan, Muhammad Abu Barjas, Alaa Abu al-Rub

Directed by: Hamada Toukan

Choreography: Mohamed Abu Barjas

Platform manager: Muhammad Abu Talib

Music Designer: Mohamed Azza

Lighting technician: Alaa Jayyousi