Kol Saber! 2012

In Arabic, the word ‘Saber’ has two meanings: the sweet fruit of the cactus or patience, and the word ‘Kol’ is the imperative form of the verb eat.

Spotlights of different realities in the street life, jackets that dance for life, they diverge, converge, fight, cohabit with each other in a tensed context, until a mysterious jacket falls down from the sky, and changes all the rules of the game.

A controlling power leads the dance, segregates, pollutes, manipulates, and while tapping on a barrel says: “Kol Saber!”, and all we do is eat this “Saber”.  

“Kol Saber!” portrays the contradicted life between the bitter reality imposed by the controlling power and the sweet and colorful dream of bereaved sea. 

The fourth production of the PCS was created in 2012! Performed by: Ahmad Abu Taleb, Mhammad Abu Taleb, Fadi Zmorrod, Mohammad Abu Sakha and Noor Abu AlRub; Technician: Alaa Jayousi; Costumes: Fadila Alouchi; the artistic directors: Shadi Zmorrod and Fadi Zmorrod. With Special thanks to Nayef Abdallah, Nada Humsi, Ivan Prado, Gianna Greunig, and Laura Hagemann for their artistic and technical assistance.

Kol Saber is 60 minute long and is intended for +12-year-old audience.

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