SARAB 2018

Our destiny is unpredictable ‏We’re competing to arrive at the unknown ‏We all have our dreams and wishes and we ambush to achieve them ‏Our journey is directed towards an illusion that can’t be described as any more than a mirage Finally we arrive. ‏?But, have we arrived at our goal ‏?What is our aim ‏After floating earth and oceans ‏And narrowly passing obstacles and checkpoints ‏We arrive to what we did not expect ‏We arrive at the mirage ‏Which doesn’t seem to be like the one we’ve pictured in our souls imagination ‏So after all, it really was nothing but a mirage.

Director: Paul Evans.
Performers: Ahmad Abu Taleb, Ala’ Abu AlRob, Essam Abu Sneineh, Hazar Azzeh, Marah Natsheh, Mohamad Abu Taleb, Nour Abu AlRob.
Light Technician: Ala’ Jayousi.
Production Manager: Shadi Zmurrod. 

Funded by: