VOLUNTEERS (Circus Trainers, Circus Artists, Administrative)



Since its first days, PCS has worked together with and welcomed many international circus people, individuals and schools. It believes in the strong added value of international and intercultural cooperation and discovery for a whole set of reasons. All former international cooperation has played a major role in the advancement of our artistic, social and pedagogical work. As Palestinians being many times still very isolated from the world through the many travel restrictions, bringing people to Palestine allows Palestinians to meet and interact with new cultures. We also strongly believe in the mutual exchange of ideas and approaches to enrich each other and to offer internationals a taste of the Palestinian culture and its own way of developing social and contemporary circus.

Eligibility to apply for a volunteering position at the PCS:

• Be minimum 18 years old (Above 18 years old)

• Be a circus artist or a circus teacher

• Have experience or a strong interest in working in social circus with vulnerable children/youth

• Be ready to listen and learn about the conditions in which children and youth grow up in Palestine and the role social circus plays here

• Be very receptive to the cultural traditions in the country and be ready to adapt to them where needed and asked by the PCS. PCS developed a child protection policy which all volunteers should abide by. Upon applying we will send you our cultural guidelines.

• Abide by all policies of the Palestinian Circus School. PCS follows the BDS movement

• Be open to share and work with all students from all different backgrounds

• Have a specific circus technical skill or artistic experience to offer

• Give a minimum of 16 hours of training per week.

•Fill out the application form

• Be ready to have your experiences shared on our website and Facebook page (stories, pictures)

• Any former experience with volunteering or working in a social circus is a strong asset


The volunteering program should last minimum 3 months and maximum 1 year. 

How to apply?

• Please fill out the online application form

• For any additional questions about our work before applying, you can mail us at info@palcircus.ps

You can expect an answer from us on your application within 3 weeks.

We look forward reading your applications and welcoming you at the circus!!!!

Contact Information
Emergency Contact:
Period you want to volunteer at PCS
1. All volunteers must be open, honest, and commit to work actively as part of a team in all activities. They are required to promote an atmosphere of cooperation and support at all times.
2. All volunteers must respect and adhere to all organizational policies and procedures during their time with the organization.
3. All volunteers are to abide by the Child Protection Policy of the Palestinian Circus School. (attach)
4. All volunteers are to abide by the BDS movement.
5. All volunteers must recognize and respect local culture. They must adapt to them where needed and asked by the PCS. To orient you a bit more in the local culture, we have made a cultural orientation guideline (attach) which we ask you to read carefully.